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Advocacy, Inc. (formerly Ombudsman/Advocate, Inc.) is an independent non-profit agency serving Santa Cruz and San Benito counties.  Our agency is comprised of the Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program and the Patients’ Rights Advocate Program.
The Ombudsman Program is a federal and state mandated program charged with advocating for seniors and disabled individuals living in residential care facilities for the elderly and skilled nursing facilities.  The Patients’ Rights Advocate Program is a state mandated program also charged with rights protection and advocacy for all mental health consumers residing in both counties.
Coupling both programs into an independent agency, our mission is to provide the highest level of advocacy and rights protection for the clients we serve while affording the general community with information and assistance concerning long-term care, quality of life/care issues, mental health issues and pre-facility placement procedures and guidelines.

Donate to Advocacy, Inc., Click Here! As the only organization that exists with the sole mission of protecting the rights, and advocating for appropriate and quality care for these often forgotten and vulnerable populations, we: inform clients of their rights; receive, investigate and act to resolve complaints of residents in skilled and residential facilities and all community based mental health clients; receive, investigate and cross-report all reported allegations of abuse occurring in facility settings; act as a voice for those patients/residents who are unable to speak for themselves because of prejudice, fear and/or disability; train and consult with medical and mental health professionals on patients’/residents’ rights, quality of care, treatment and quality of life issues; represent involuntarily committed residents of the acute behavioral health unit in administrative due process hearings; monitor facilities to ensure that residents’ rights are being respected, appropriate treatment is provided and that the facilities are in compliance with licensing regulation; and educate the public about patients’/residents’ rights, long-term care and mental health issues.
Mandated by federal and state laws, our programs advocate for, and protect and defend the rights of, seniors in long-term care facilities and mental health consumers in both counties.  We have been serving the community for over 30 years. We work with, and advocate for, residents living in over 44 residential care homes and 12 skilled nursing facilities and all mental health consumers living in the community.  We provide information and assistance to families and community members who are embarking into the unfamiliar, and often frightening, worlds of long-term care or the mental health system.

Our target populations dictate the types of issues our staff and volunteers address. These issues and complaints range from improperly prepared food to no heat or hot water, from lack of privacy to not receiving information about treatment or medication, from verbal abuse and lack of respect to physical abuse, financial abuse and neglect, from staff not responding to a change in condition to physicians’ inaccessibility, from staff and physicians disregarding advance directives to physicians refusing treatment and/or access to hospital care.  Without our presence and advocacy, the level of care and quality of life for these populations would be severely undermined.

Beyond our mandated responsibilities, we have developed projects in response to unmet needs of our clients and their families and friends.  These projects include the CARES Project – a facility residents’ family and friend caregiver support group; the Dementia/Mental Health Crossover Project – a collaboration with the Behavioral Health Unit staff to prevent inappropriate admission to the mental health unit and ensure that dementia behavior is treated appropriately in the least restrictive environment possible; and an outreach project to remind and inform physicians and medical staff of their mandated reporting requirements in cases of suspected elder and/or dependent adult abuse.
In addition, we are responsible for investigating and assuring proper action in all alleged or suspected abuse cases in facilities.  Working with local law enforcement, the District Attorney’s office and state agencies, our cases include physical abuse, financial abuse and neglect.  Though the Elder/Dependent Abuse Law requires facilities to report all allegations of abuse, without our presence and the diligence of our staff and volunteers, many of these abuses would go unreported and unnoticed.

Donate car to charity california | Donating Cars in California

Donate car to charity california | Donating Cars in California

Donating Cars in California | donate car charity california
Car donation in California  Have you recently purchased a new car and are having problems with your old one?You do not know where you can car park these individuals? Properly, one great way of getting rid of these kind of previous(a) automobiles should be to contribute these people. The best place for car donation is the state of California.
Car donation in California is often a well known alternative in case you have previous cars. Car owners can donatethe motor vehicles such as vans, cars, boats along with other varieties of autos to some Greek valerian of these selection. This can be just one good way of eliminating a vintage pointless auto. Moreover, you are able to assistant those who find themselves in need without having worrying on your own with what regarding that willcar.

Car donation in California
Car donation in California
Car donation in California: The automobile doesn't need to stay in top notch consideration being donated. In reality, converted cars and trucks are often given. These facilities would certainly tow line the unkept cars without cost. They're going to after that localisation most of these along with auction these to get a net income. The money earned from the auction will be given to the charity of your own choice.
Car donation in California, Yet another way regarding giving motorcar is as simple as creating with a very poor family. According to the study produced by Area Vehicles Policy Externalize (STPP), the no-income bureau, twenty percent with the National poor families can not buy a car. They are investing twoscore.deuce percent in their budget having expatriation expenses. Car donation in CaliforniaSTPP conducts a study just about deportation alternative choices of Us citizens.
You'll find positive aspects throughout giving your current ride inside California. Inside some other suggests, you have got to contain the authentic form of address so that you can give. This isn't true here. In fact, if you include the authorized who owns the car, you can still donate. The guts for Car Donations gives you you actually using a replicate subject shape to become gestural. Alternatively, machine bestower have entitlement to a new tax write-off. This is as per the newest levy legislations involving august 2005. Sometimes, you might be precondition a free of charge vacation for your current behave involving Jacob's ladder.
Another associated with donating car in California could be the loose towing services supplied. You aren't required to deliver the actual cartowards Mall regarding Car Donations. These are prepared to pick it up especially when it isn't inwards beneficial managing situation everywhere inside the nation.
Simply stick with levels in giving out the car. Beginning(a), ready the automobile. Though it may be not needed with the car to stay effective jogging situation, it might nevertheless be full if one makes sure it really is look good ample. Plainly fix it and make sure you have nothing of this personalized items still left privileged.
Moreover , you may ought to prepare all of the essential docs like registration as well as insurance coverage. Minus the actual name, the middle pertaining to Car donationprovides you which has a twinned statute title kind. Following collecting every one of the documents to be shifted, shuffling an internet look for car donationfirms that could assist in your car gift. Make certain that the company can be appropriate just before submitting all of the docs. This would stop you from slipping prey connected with frauds.

Car donation in California
Car donation in California
Car donation in California, In the event the auto can be found, the corporation hands that you tax mannequin. This will be significant so that you can cquire deduction. Be sure to filing cabinet A posting regarding relieve the liability into a local Department associated with Auto (DMV). Necessitate the folks that acquired the car on how to round the contour. Ultimately, tell your insurance provider that you just donated your car to charity. Try this at the time you actually launch your car. This is important for him or her to allow them to cease the insurance policy.

Car Donation Charities in California

Car Donation Charities in California

Car Donation Charities in California
The act of donating a car to charity is one of the most rewarding things you can do. When you donate your car, you do more than just support a charity. You actually help to improve someone's life. To help a needy person, please donate a car to one of these respected charities in California.
Established in 1946 in Davis, California, Freedom From Hunger has been fighting chronic hunger and poverty in the world through innovative programs designed to help families achieve long term food security. Their programs are serving over 18 million people in some of the poorest countries in the world. They are both nongovernmental and nonsectarian and they have been given an A- rating from the American Institute of Philanthropy.
Car Donation Charities in California Teach for America works to ensure that children in low income areas get an excellent education. Less than half of the children in California are on grade level for reading and math, and it ranks 48th in academic performance. In the Bay Area, Teach for America has been providing great education for over 10 years. In Los Angeles, they have operating since 1990. Teach for America works to recruit leaders who work to expand educational opportunities in low income areas and then teach for two years in those areas.
The Guthy Jackson Charitable Foundation is dedicated to the treatment and a cure for neuromyelitis optica. NMO is a very rare disease that can affect the optic nerve and spinal cord. People with this horrible disease can develop vision loss, or weakness, numbness, and sometimes paralysis of the arms and legs along with sensory disturbances and loss bladder and bowel control. Although there are some treatments available a lot more research is needed to find better ones and a cure.
A Home Away From Homelessness is dedicated to supporting and nurturing the needs of homeless and formerly homeless children and families in San Francisco and Marin. Their homes provide a physical, emotional and spiritual break for children along with educational, social and recreational opportunities.
Family Builders believes that every child has the right to grow up in a permanent, nurturing family regardless of the child's age, race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, or medical, physical or emotional condition. Family Builders educates the community about the needs of waiting children, advocates on their behalf and places the children with permanent, secure families through adoption.
Car Donation Charities in California
You can donate your car
The car donation process is easy and the pickup is free. You can donate your car even it no longer runs or is in poor shape. You just need to have a title for your car and it needs to be where the tow truck can easily get to it. In return for your car donation, you will get a valuable tax deduction and a sense of pride knowing you have done a really good thing.

How To Donate A Car In California dmv – The Basics

How To Donate A Car In California dmv – The Basics

There are several things to bear in mind if you want to learn how to donate a car in California dmv without the risks. Few months ago, I have donated my car to charity and it went off without any major issues.  But I want to help kind people to ensure that their car donation will be as easy as mine.
how to donate a car in california dmv
how to donate a car in california dmv
How To Donate A Car In California dmv – Easy Tips
I have donated a car that I have been using for about five years. It is still in good condition and still drivable. However, I have learned that even old cars that are impossible to drive are still accepted by several charitable organizations as long as the parts could be sold. So, if you have old cars, don’t discard them yet to junk shops. Many charitable agencies insist that the vehicles are in good working condition however. I suggest that you select an organization that you recognize. I have selected to donate my car to a charity with national operations but has a center in California. I feel safer with this. Just be careful since there are organizations with names that sound the same.
Avoid Dealing With Intermediary Agency In Donating Your Car, how To Donate A Car In California dmv?

how To Donate A Car In California
how To Donate A Car In California 
I have noticed that there are charitable agencies that hire intermediary car donation companies to serve as brokers and to take care of the car donations. However, I think this is not a good option since the charity will normally get a small portion of the final cost of the car. The intermediary agency might keep the large percentage of the funds from the sale of the car for their overhead costs. I have chosen an organization that directly handles the donation from towing to auction.
Check If How Would The Charity Benefit From The Donation
How To Donate A Car In California? When I made my choice, I checked with the charity on how they would benefit from the donation. Some charities will use the car for their operations, some will sell the car to raise funds for humanitarian projects, and some will give the car to a needy family or individuals. For example, I have donated my pick up van to a charity that provides free transportation to poor farmers.
How To Donate A Car In California Without Being Duped

I had a friend who donated his car to charity only to find out that the charitable organization was just a scam. But that experience did not change my decision to donate my car. To protect myself from bogus organizations, I checked with BBB in California to verify the registration and the reputation of several organizations that I am planning to give out my car. I suggest that you stay away from charities with bad records and had any dubious transactions with car donations. Also make certain that the charity has the proper registration and has the license to operate in California. However, this is not needed if you are donating to a nationally acclaimed charity. Also check if the charity carries the tax exempt status for your tax deductions.

It is important to protect yourself in making donations. I am sure that your goal in learning how todonate a car in California is to help fund certain causes, so make it easy, fast, and right. 

How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency

How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency

If you want to learn how to donate a car in California Based Charitable Agency, bear in mind that there are specific guidelines that you must follow. Giving your car to a charitable organization that operates in the Golden State is a great way to support your causes. With this, you can provide help to less fortunate families for their car needs. Just recently, I donated my car to an orphanage. Aside from a heartwarming feel caused by giving, I have benefited from tax cuts because of that donation.
How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency
The first thing that you must do if you have already decided that you will donate your car is to determine what charitable agencies will benefit from your donation. I have noticed that there are numerous agencies in California that accept donations directly including organizations that raise fund for orphans, abandoned elderly, and sick individuals. After I selected which chari to give my car in California, I called the organization to learn more about the process of car donation. Although every charitable agency follows their own process for car donations, I guess there are several state policies in California that every agency should abide.
 How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency
 How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency
Car Transfer, Title And Plates, How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency
I highly suggest that you donate your car to any agency that accepts direct donations. However, you must be certain to transfer the title of the car to the agency. Since I have lost my copy of the car title, I went to California Department of Motor Vehicles and fill out forms 262 and 227. These forms must be filled out completely and must be endorsed to the person or agency picking up the car. I have learned that according to California law, all vehicle owners must keep the license plates on their vehicles at all times. Thus, when I donated my car I did not detached the plates.
How To Donate A Car In California Without Any Risk  
My selected charity returned the plates to me after my car has been auctioned. I have learned that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) also warns car donors to remove all car inspection and registration stickers. I think this is done to prevent any legal problems later for me and the future owner of my donated car. I filled out a release of liability memo from the DMV to inform the state that I am no longer responsible, legally and financially, for my car after it has been given out for charity.
 How To Donate A Car In California?
Keep Your Donation Papers For Tax Benefits
How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency
How To Donate A Car In California Based Charitable Agency
I have secured all records of my car donation primarily for tax benefits. In donating a car to charity, it is important that you hold proof to claim for tax deductions. One document I have secured is a written acknowledgement from the charity, and I have saved the contact details of the organization. I also informed the IRS about the kind of vehicle I donated. I am still keeping a copy of the car title transfer just to be ready if this is needed as a proof of the car donation.

Learning how to donate a car in California entails effort and time, but still it is a worthwhile activity.

£ 90,000 for the world's fastest electric car

Detroit Electric's electric cars SP: 01 is capable of accelerating from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds and become the world's fastest electric car.

Detroit Electric Model 01 by fledgling Detroit manufacturers developing Electric designed with sporty, 2-seat. Many people will be easily recognized by its stylish design to the Lotus Elise cars in the UK, simply because a lot of key positions in the company has been working for Lotus.

As announced by the manufacturer, SP: 01 can accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h in 3.7 seconds before reaching a top speed of 249 km / h. In particular, SP: 01 can be moved continuously over distances more than 300 km per charge only battery lasts about 4.3 hours.

Detroit Electric said they only produce 999 units SP: 01 for sale to consumers is £ 90,000, equivalent to 2.88 billion. When sold, the main rival SP: 01 will be the Fisker Automotive and Tesla Roadster particularly billionaire Elon Musk. Telsa Roadster has a maximum speed of 201 km / h.

The benefits of your car donation in California

The benefits of your car donation in California

There are 20 percent of Poorfamilies are not able to purchase the car

         Car donation is the better way to help & support to people who have to need without bothering himself. You are donate the car for remove the old car. It is good alternative for people who have old car by getting rid of an old useless vehicle. With this donation you are also help to other people.
There are no need to a better condition car for donation. Cracked or Broken cars may also donate. You have also other choice to donate money through your old car. There are many social company are make the auction of this type of cars and make the profit. The profit is use in social works. After the car donation you can get your donation receipt.
There are 20 percent of Poor families are not able to purchase the car. They are spent large budget of their income in transportation. Social companies provide them a car or money through your donation. The poor families are also happy through getting the car or money.
Other benefits of your car donation in California is free towing services offered. In this offer you are not required to take the car at Center for Car Donation. The Center Authorities providing pickup facility to you. They pick up the car from your home.
For the car donation you have to prepare some important documents like insurance & registration and if you do not have the title, the Center Authority provides you duplicate form of title. Donation center also give the facility for donate your car.
At the time of pick up the car the donation center give you the tax form which is very important for you because this tax form is provides tax deduction from your tax. You can ask the picker about the form filling. They are introduce to you about the tax form.
Donation of your car is one of the most rewarding work. When you donate the car, you do support the people who are poor & you shining other’s life by helping poor peoples.
There are many homeless family in California & their children are not able for go to school. By helping this type of peoples you get great blessings from the mouth of poor families.
Your thinking is better than other and your work of car donation will be blessings of God for you.